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Inspection Equipments

Inspection Equipments

Our factory inspection room has CMM,Spectrometer,X-Ray,Tensile tester,Cleanliness tester,Roughness tester,Metallographic tester,Corrosive tester,etc.,for example:

Coordinate Measuring Machining,referred to as CMM, it refers to the instrument that can calculate various geometric shapes and sizes according to the point data returned by the probe system in the three-dimensional measurable space.

EMP Inspection Room 1

Spectroscope,it is a scientific instrument that decomposes complex light into spectral lines. It consists of a prism or a diffraction grating. The spectrometer can measure the light reflected from the surface of the object. The seven-color light in the sunlight is the part of the naked eye (visible light), but if the sunlight is decomposed by the spectrometer, the visible light only occupies a small range in the spectrum, and the rest are spectra that cannot be resolved by the naked eye, such as infrared rays and microwaves. , ultraviolet rays, X-rays, etc. The optical information is captured by a spectrometer, developed by photographic film, or computerized to automatically display numerical instrument display and analysis to detect what elements are contained in the article.

EMP Inspection Room 2

Metallographic tester,it is used to identify and analyze the combined structure of various metals and alloy materials. It is widely used in the factory or laboratory for the identification of casting quality; metallographic analysis after raw material inspection or material processing; and surface coating Some surface phenomena are being studied. It is the metallographic analysis of steel, non-ferrous metal materials, castings, coatings, etc. It is an indispensable instrument for the study of the structure of materials in metallurgy and materials science.


Our die casting inspection and quality control protocol are strictly enforced through IATF 16949 certifications. The 3D CMM sensors, scales and calipers are regularly serviced and calibrated to insure our die cast parts are precise and meet required specifications.

It is our philosophy to keep inspectors quality-conscious; the extra time and effort to focus on your project will enhance the completion of the final product.