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What Materials Are Car Engines Made of?

What Materials Are Car Engines Made of?

What Materials Are Car Engines Made of?


Aluminum alloy is widely known for its lightweight feature, its application in car engine parts can generally reduce the weight of automobile engines by more than 30%. In addition, both the car cylinder lower block and the cylinder head cover of the engine require good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and aluminum alloys have outstanding advantages over other metal in these aspects.


What is the best engine block material? The aluminum alloy commonly used in die casting engine parts are: American standard A380 / A360 / A356, German standard AlSi9Cu3, AlSi10Mg (Fe), European standard ENAC-43400, ENAC-46400, Japanese standard ADC12, ADC10 etc. 

Aluminum is an essential item used in producing aluminum automotive components and assemblies. EMP, one of the professional aluminium auto parts manufacturers, has been developing automotive parts for over 20 years. We provide one-stop services for aluminum casting projects, such as tooling design, custom aluminum die casting, CNC machining, and post-processing. At EMP, we are prepared to provide you with the custom auto parts casting you require.

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