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Electric Vehicle Drive Motor

Electric Vehicle Drive Motor

Motor is a kind of electromagnetic device which realizes the conversion and transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to produce a driving torque as electrical appliances and a variety of mechanical power source.

Electric Vehicle Motor Parts Function

A motor is composed of motor stator, motor rotor, housing, cover, bearing, motor blades and so on. All of them play an essential role in different position. 

  • Motor stator whose function is generating a rotating magnetic field consists of stator core, stator winding and frame. 

  • Motor rotor is a rotating parts of the motor, which is used to realize electrical and mechanical energy conversion. 

  • Motor housing cover whose main characteristics are water proofing, dust proofing and corrosion preventing is the motor protection device, through aluminum die casting, surface rust prevention and plastic spraying can well protect the internal equipment of the motor. 

  • Electric motor housing is a back cover installed at the back of the motor housing, which is composed of cover body, bearing and brush plate. The quality of the electric motor housing directly affects the motor. 

  • Motor bearing is an important parts of modern mechanical equipment, its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reducing the friction coefficient in the process of motion and ensuring the accuracy of rotation. 

  • Motor blade is also located at the tail of the motor and used for ventilation and cooling of the motor.

Each of them has their own tasks, a motor can’t run independently without each of parts. Without the motor, the vehicle can’t run. All of the motor parts are promoting, coordinating and connecting with each other to make the motor run smoothly.

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