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Automotive Parts

  • Auto Starter Parts
    1.Overview of auto starter partsWhat is auto starter?Engine starting needs external support, the car starter is playing this role. Generally speaking, the starter use three parts to realize the whole ...
  • Liquid-Cooled AC/DC Battery Charger Case
    Our liquid-cooled ac/dc battery charger case is made of aluminum alloy. In general, aluminum alloy is lighter and has stronger heat dissipation potential than any other material.
  • Electric Vehicle AC-DC/DC-DC Converters (Housing)
    DC-AC Converter plays an important role in the power steering system and composite power system. For example, it can provide power to auxiliary equipment and stabilize the voltage. Our range of DC-AC ...
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Case
    Battery case is one of the most important components in new energy vehicles. The best NEVs make use of aluminum alloy for the battery case structures as key components that offer security for their battery payloads, but also structural rigidity for the vehicles.
  • Cylinder Head Cover
    1.Overview of Cylinder Head CoverThere are three types of cylinder heads include flathead, overhead valve and overhead camshaft cylinder heads, each of which can be made of cast-iron or aluminum mate...
  • Electric Drive Motor Housing
    In new energy vehicles, the electric drive motor is one of the three core components of new energy vehicles. It is the main executive structure in the operation of new energy vehicles.

Aluminum Automotive Components Overview

Aluminum is an essential item used in producing automotive aluminum parts and assemblies. EMP Die Casting is a leading provider of custom aluminum die cast components for the automotive parts market. We specialize in producing electric vehicle controller housing, enclosures, PDU housing, ACDC Converter housing, automotive structural parts, transmission housings, etc.

EMP, one of the professional aluminum pressure die casting suppliers, has been developing automotive parts for over 20 years. We provide one-stop services for aluminum casting projects, such as tooling design, die casting, CNC machining, and post-processing.

 At EMP, we stand ready to serve you with the custom automotive parts you need.   


Automotive Aluminum Parts Details

Oil pan: Located in the lower part of the engine, detachable, and seals the oil shaft box and provides the outer casing of the oil sump.

Bracket: The automobile wiper motor bracket serves as the installation structure of the wiper motor assembly. Along with installation accuracy, the stiffness performance of the bracket mounting point will directly affect the performance of the wiper system.

Stop-start device gearbox enclosures for automatic vehicles: The gearbox is a mechanical device for increasing/decreasing torque by deceleration/increase. It consists of two or more gears, one of which is driven by a motor. The output speed of the gearbox is inversely proportional to the gear. Gearboxes are generally preferred in constant speed applications, such as conveyors and cranes, which can provide increased torque.

EMP automotive parts manufacturer, as one of has been developing automotive component enclosures for many years. As one of automobile parts manufacturing companies, not only the parts mentioned above, but also a large number of aluminum die castings are under development. At EMP, we stand ready to provide you with the custom automotive parts you need.

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