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2 benefits of aluminum die casting impregnation

2 benefits of aluminum die casting impregnation

2 benefits of aluminum die casting impregnation

A.Improve efficiency and output 

  1. The foam model used for the infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings adopts mechanical foaming. While ensuring the quality of the model, the production speed is also quite fast.

  2. The dipping process of aluminum alloy dies castings simplifies the cumbersome steps of traditional crafts, such as forming the core, which is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and inefficient.

  3. The aluminum alloy dies casting is immersed in a box for multiple injections until the metal solution uses up.

B.Cost savings

  1. The infiltration mold used for aluminium alloy dies castings can be used for life with almost no loss, reducing or eliminating mold costs.

  2. The impregnation of aluminum alloy dies castings abandons the traditional core forming process, saves labour, and reduces manufacturing costs.

  3. The penetration of aluminum alloy dies castings has gradually increased the number of female workers in the foundry industry. All aspects of labour and wage costs have been reduced.

  4. The sand used for the soaking of aluminium alloy die castings can be recycled, and the loss rate is 2%-5%.

  5. Immerse the die-casting parts in the impregnation liquid, penetrate the loose parts inside the die-casting parts, and improve the air-tightness of the die-casting parts.


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