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5 goals of the future automotive industry

5 goals of the future automotive industry

5 goals of the future automotive industry

In the direction of the development of the automobile industry, my country adheres to the development strategy of pure electric drive.

1. New energy vehicles have gradually developed into mainstream products, and the automotive industry has achieved electrification.

2. China's intelligent networked vehicle technology system is basically mature, with the large-scale application of products.

3. The autonomy level of key core technologies has been significantly improved, forming a collaborative, efficient, safe, and controllable automotive industry chain.

4. Establish a smart car travel system to form a deeply integrated ecology of car transportation, energy, and cities.

5. The technological innovation system is optimized and perfect, and the original innovation level has global leading capabilities.

In order to closely cooperate with the market, our company is also gradually transforming. As the application fields and market segments of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in our country are gradually becoming clear.

EMP are committed to the development and production of die-casting products for electrical controlled automotive parts, such as electric controll battery housings, AC/DC converters, and electrical controll motor housings.


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