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6 Tips For Controlling Product Quality

6 Tips For Controlling Product Quality

6 Tips For Controlling Product Quality

  High-quality products are manufactured, managed, and controlled, not tested. Quality control is a systematic project, with its own rules and unique control methods; if you do not master the correct quality control methods, it is difficult to control the quality of the product, and even some unexpected quality problems may occur, causing great business Economic losses.

1. Don't easily determine the process, do not easily change the determined process

1) If the product has quality problems, the root cause, main factors or main performance of the problem should be found;

2) Before you understand the problem, easily changing the process actually masks the real cause and problem.

2. Process control must have a strong sense of quantification and traceability

1) Quality depends on many factors, do not ignore any details;

2) Any details should be controlled and recorded with data as much as possible;

3) Failure to control and trace the process details will mislead corrections and preventive measures.

3. Be patient when solving problems

1) Don't ignore the abnormal situation because it doesn't seem to be related to the problem solved;

2) Standardize the analysis of the influencing factors when you couldn’t find the reason and regular pattern

3) Review some experiences and regular pattern of previous experiments and sum up;


4. To build prevention thinking

1) The highest level of quality management is prevention, not how to save after a problem;

2) When the same quality problem is repeated for the second time, it should be highly valued;

3) The daily process and result data should be sorted with certain tools, and the regularity and change trend should be looked for from the sorted results. These regularities and displayed trends need to be revised continuously;

5. Quality control must have management thinking

1) Do not want to rely directly on the technician to achieve product quality stability;

2) The quality of the product is manufactured, without direct management of the manufacturer, the quality can never be stable;

3) To observe, pay attention to and study the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of the product, and manage and mobilize these performances and status

6. Listen for more opinions and suggestions

1) Don't assume that if others don't know what's really going on and can't solve the problem at once, opinions are of no value;

2) But they, especially the direct product manufacturers, can give us many tips and reminders;

3) The thinking of quality management often touches the forefront of technology. Even a casual sentence or a complaint may guide or imply a major technical innovation direction. Therefore, a professional technician should be a person who pays attention to detail and is good at capturing it.


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