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Top 3 Main Aluminnum Die Casting Parts of Electric Vehicles

Top 3 Main Aluminnum Die Casting Parts of Electric Vehicles

Top 3 Main Aluminnum Die Casting Parts of Electric Vehicles

  • The "fuel tank" of new energy vehicles-batteries: the battery is one of the main parts of electric vehicles, and the function of the battery is the only source of power for the vehicle's drive system. At low speed and starting, the battery plays the role of the main power source of the car's drive system; when accelerating at full load, it acts as an auxiliary power source; during normal driving, deceleration, and braking, it acts as storage energy.


  • The key to determining power-motor: The motor has two working states, one is used as a motor, responsible for converting the electrical energy in the battery system into kinetic energy, and when it is not needed to drive the vehicle, it can also play the role of a generator Features, convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electric energy and store it back in the battery. The power supply provides electric energy for the driving motor of the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle motor converts the electric energy of the power supply into mechanical energy and drives the wheels and working devices through the transmission device or directly.


  • The "housekeeper" of the new energy vehicles-electronic control system: The electronic control system of electric vehicles is the brain of electric vehicles, which refers to the entire vehicle control system, which integrates the functions of ECU and TCU (engine and gearbox control computer). We all know that the ECU control of traditional fuel vehicles is more complicated. The fuel injection quantity, timing phase, throttle opening of the engine, ignition, exhaust gas circulation, etc. all need to be controlled, and according to the driver’s intentions, the ECU must also interact with the gearbox. The program is calibrated in coordination to complete smooth gear changes and fully understand the driver's intentions.


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