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Aluminum electric vehicle motor controller (housing)

Aluminum electric vehicle motor controller (housing)

Aluminum electric vehicle motor controller (housing)

  • Aluminium electric vehicle motor controller (housing)


  • The motor controller is the nerve centre connecting the motor and the battery, used to adjust the performance of the vehicles. It not only guarantees the basic safety and precise control of the car but also exerts sufficient power. At present, the more common forms in the industry are single motor controllers, integrated motor controllers, and integrated powertrains. Compared with micro-face logistics and special vehicles, there are more single-motor controllers. Light trucks and buses use a second all-in-one motor controller. The overall development goals are the best performance, reliability, best cost, and lightweight development.


  • The motor controller is used to drive the main motor on the electric vehicle. Generally, it receives the signal of the whole vehicle controller to control the starting, running, speed regulating, and stopping of the main motor. Together with the whole vehicle controller, it is just like the brain of the electric vehicle being an important part of the electric vehicle. At present, the motor controller is increasingly integrated, including single main drive controller, three-in-one controller (integration: EHPS controller + ACM controller + DC/AC), five-in-one controller (integration: EHPS controller + ACM controller + DC/DC + PDU + dual-source EPS controller), passenger car controller (integration: main drive + DC/DC) and other controllers.

  • Function: When the controller protects by over-discharge or the motor is running, a fault or malfunction may cause damage and other malfunctions. The circuit will take protective measures based on the feedback signal.




OEM Service


Aluminum alloy ENAC 43400,AlSi10MgMn, AlSi9Cu3, ADC12,etc


Electric Vehicle Truck, EV Motor Controller, PDU Motor Unit, Battery Housing

Die Casting Machine Type

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine 800T-2000T

Quality Control System


Applied Software

PRO/E, Auto CAD, Solid Works, IGS, UG, CAD/CAM/CAE


Aluminum Die Casting - Deburring&Triming - Shotblasting - CNC Machining - Cleaning - Leakage Test - Full Inspection - Packing

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