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Problems Needing Attention in the Process of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Part

Problems Needing Attention in the Process of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Part

Problems Needing Attention in the Process of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Part

1. What matters should be paid attention to in the production process of aluminum alloy die casting part?

With the continuous expansion of aluminum alloy die casting products in the market, aluminum alloy die casting part has developed rapidly in recent years. It is also a question that many people in the industry pay attention to whether aluminum alloy die casting part can be limited by some factors under the current good market conditions.

Die casting aluminum alloy is also a kind of die casting part. The following is the introduction of the knowledge of die casting part.

(1) Control the alloy composition from the purchase of alloy ingot. Alloy ingot must use ultra-high purity aluminum as the base, plus the alloy ingot prepared by ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium, and copper. The supply factory has strict composition specifications. The high quality aluminum alloy material is the guarantee of consumption of high quality castings.

(2) After the purchase of alloy ingot, ensure that there is a clean and dry stacking area, in order to prevent its long-term exposure to wet and white rust or the pollution by factory dirt and the increase of slag, as well as the increase of metal loss. Clean factory environment is very important on the effective control of alloy composition.

(3) The ratio of new material, and degraded materials and other returns. The returns should not exceed 50%. Ordinary new material: old material is 70:30. In the continuous remelting, the content of aluminum and magnesium gradually reduced.

(4) In the remelting of degraded materials, strictly control the remelting temperature, which should not exceed 430℃, to prevent the loss of aluminum and magnesium.

(5) Die casting factory is best to use a centralized furnace to condense aluminum alloy, so as to ensure the average ratio of alloy ingot and returns, and ensure that flux can be more effectively used, so that the alloy composition and temperature maintain average stability.

 Electroplating waste and fine chips should be separately smelted.

2. Disposal method of defects of aluminum alloy die casting part  

In many cases, high-quality aluminum alloy die casting part cannot be made even though the above problems have been solved. If the following defects occur in aluminum alloy die casting part, the following solutions are provided.

Because each defect of die cast aluminum alloy comes from a number of different influencing factors, in the actual consumption the problem should be dealt with. In the face of many solutions, is the first to adjust the machine or the first to change materials or to correct the mold? It is recommended to dispose according to the level of difficulty.

(1) Clean the parting surface, clean the cavity, clean the jacking rod; Improve coating, improve spraying technology; Increase the clamping force and increase the pouring quantity.

(2) Adjust the process parameters, injection force, injection speed, filling time, mold opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.

(3) Change materials, select high quality aluminum alloy ingot, change the ratio of new material and returns, improve the smelting technology.

(4) Revise the mold, revise the pouring system, add the inner gate, add the overflow groove, and exhaust groove, etc.


For example, the causes of flying edges in die casting parts are:

Problems of die casting machine: the clamping force is not adjusted correctly.
Technological problems: the injection speed is too high, the pressure impact peak is too high.
Mold problems: deformation, debris on the parting surface, uneven wear of insert and slider, template strength is not enough.

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