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Why Does Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Deform

Why Does Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Deform

Why Does Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Deform

1. Aluminum alloy die casting

Aluminum alloy die castings can be seen everywhere in daily life, but in the production process of die cast aluminium alloys, various problems will occur. Casting deformation is one of the most important problems, why would this happen? And how should we solve this problem?

2. Reasons for deformation of aluminum alloy die castings

There are two characteristics of the deformation of aluminum alloy die castings: one is the overall or partial deformation, and the other is that the geometry of the die casting does not match the drawing. Reasons for this situation are: poor casting structure; premature opening of the mold, resulting in insufficient rigidity of the casting; improper setting of the ejector rod, resulting in uneven force during ejection; improper gate position or thick gate made it easy to deform when removing the gate; the rough surface of the mold causes high resistance and the product deforms when ejected; the mold temperature is too high, resulting in the casting is not fully solidified, or the ejection force is too large, causing the product deformation.

For the problem of deformation of aluminum alloy die castings, the solution is to "apply medicine according to indications", such as improving the structure of the casting; adjusting the mold opening and holding pressure reasonably; setting the ejection position and the number of ejectors rationally; changing the gate position to reduce the gate thickness ; strengthening the mold surface treatment to reduce the demolding resistance; controlling the local mold temperature to maintain the thermal balance of the mold.

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