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3 benefits of Electric vehicles

3 benefits of Electric vehicles

3 benefits of Electric vehicles

  • Advantages

A. Low cost of car

  1.  Low energy consumption

  2. Low maintenance cost

Fuel vehicles are mainly for the maintenance power system, and the oil and filters need to replace regularly. Pure electric cars do not have complicated power mechanical structures such as engines and gearboxes. Therefore, there is no need for an oil change, three filters, and belt maintenance. Just perform some routine inspections on the battery pack and motors and keep them clean.


B. Driving comfort

    1. As if driving a high-powered car

      Electric cars use electric motors, so there is no need to wait for the speed to increase. Generally speaking, the 0-60km/h acceleration performance of electric vehicles is much faster than gasoline vehicles of the same level. This speed range is the most commonly used in cities.

    2. Quieter

      Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles burn less fuel and have no exhaust roar. For car owners who like a sense of tranquility, new energy vehicles must be worth experiencing.

    3. Better control experience

      Because there is no engine and gearbox, the chassis structure of a pure electric vehicle is easy than that of a fuel vehicle, and it is easier to achieve a 1:1 ratio. So there will be better performance in handling.


C. Long battery shelf life

For purely electric vehicles, many people may be most concerned about the safety of the battery. But don't worry, the minimum warranty period for electric vehicle batteries is eight years and 120,000 kilometers. Some manufacturers provide long warranty periods than this, and even manufacturers provide battery life warranty.


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