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What Effect Does Heat Treatment of Aluminum Castings Have?

What Effect Does Heat Treatment of Aluminum Castings Have?

What Effect Does Heat Treatment of Aluminum Castings Have?

I. Introduction of aluminum casting heat treatment

Heat treatment is an indispensable process for aluminum castings to achieve the best mechanical properties. In addition, heat treatment has other functions:

A. Make each part of the casting structure uniform and the same.

B. Eliminate internal stress caused by solidification shrinkage.

C. Make the size stable and not change nay more.

D. Increase the workability of the material.

F. Increase the corrosion resistance of the material.

The purpose of aluminium casting parts heat treatment is to produce a wide range of usable hardened elements, such as copper, magnesium, zinc, or polydissolved solids. A more homogeneous solid solution can be obtained by keeping the aluminum casting at a high temperature of 535 °C to 550 °C for 6-8 hours.

II. The solid solution temperature of aluminum castings

The solid solution point of aluminium casting is 530 degrees, and the melting point is 555 degrees, beyond which the aluminum castings will be molten into aluminum water.

III. Process points of aluminum casting heat treatment

A. When heating up, open the cooling water of the windmill smoothly first, and then set the operating temperature of the windmill in full swing. Combustion status: When entering the furnace, the casting should be placed with A-side up, and A-side down is prohibited (in solution treatment).

B. The temperature of the solution and aging treatment shall be stable and uniform, which shall be determined by the design strength, material, characteristics and test of the wheel ring.

C. The quenching water temperature is 60 degrees-80 degrees, so that the aluminum casting is not easy to deform. The quenching time is calculated from the entry of the casting until the top casting is fully immersed in water. It is best to finish the instant quenching in 16-20 seconds.

D. Fully inspect the items after solid solution treatment, including deformation inspection, shaping, steel word prevention and quality anomaly tracking. After aging, the upper and lower layer of each car respectively measures the hardness of an aluminum casting, and the value is 65-75 HB. Cooperate with continuous automatic operation, send the casting into the furnace after pre-furnace, which is the same as high-temperature operation. Enter and leave the furnace for operation according to the time set by the timer.

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