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Lean Production Management —— On-Site Management In 5S

Lean Production Management —— On-Site Management In 5S

Lean Production Management —— On-Site Management In 5S

5s originated from Japan, which means effective management of personnel, machines, materials, methods and other factors of production on the production site.

1. The Meaning of 5S

  The 5s is included Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke

5S Japanese

5S in English





Distinguish between essential and non-essential items and do not place non-essential items on site

Put long-term unused items in storage


Set in order

Reduce the time needed to find necessities to 0 seconds

0 Seconds to find what you're looking for



Keep the position in a clean and tidy state with no rubbish, no dust

Who Uses it, who cleans it



Will tidy up, please sweep up, and institutionalized

Openness and transparency in the management



We all have to follow the rules

Strictly abide by the standards, cultivate Team Spirit

2. Why 5s?

  Without the implementation of the 5S factory, you can see the dirty workplace, such as the floor with garbage, oil stains or chips, and so on, over time to form a black layer of dirt, parts, and boxes placed indiscriminately, a crane or trolley wanders through a narrow space. For example, the latest equipment imported has not been maintained, after several months, it has also become a bad machine, to use the fixture, meter, and so on do not know where to put, showing a dirty and messy scene. The employees seem to be relaxed in the operation, and the prescribed matters can only be followed in the first two or three days. To change the face of such a factory, it is most suitable to implement 5S management.

  The implementation of 5S can not only improve the working environment of enterprises, but also improve production efficiency, improve the quality of products and service standards, carry out finishing, rectifying and cleaning to the end, and institutionalize them, all in order to reduce waste, the improvement of work efficiency is also the basis of other management activities.

3. 5 positive effects of implementing 5S

The five positive effects are Sales, Saving, Safety, Standardization, Satisfaction

  • 5s is the best salesman(Sales): praised by customers as a clean and tidy factory, confident in such a factory, happy to order word of mouth, there will be many people to visit the factory to learn, clean and bright environment, would make people want to work in a factory like this.

  • 5s is the economizer(Saving): to reduce the waste of many unnecessary materials and tools, to reduce the waste of "looking for" , to save a lot of valuable time, can reduce working hours, improve efficiency

  • 5s can the guarantee to the safety(Safety): the broad bright, the vision broad workplace, the logistics at a glance, observes the accumulation limit, the danger place at a glance, the corridor is clear, will not cause the disorderly situation to affect the work smoothly

  • 5s is the promoter of Standardization(Standardization): "3 fixed", "3 essential factors" principle standard fieldwork, everybody carries out the task correctly according to the stipulation, the procedure is stable, brings the quality to be stable, the cost is also stable

  • 5s form a satisfactory workplace(Satisfaction): Bright, Clean Workplace, staff to do improvement, a sense of achievement, can create an atmosphere for all staff to improve


   All along, our company attaches great importance to the management process of 5S, through 5s management, we can make our factory thoroughly manage the dirty and poor situation of the other site, and make the staff form the good habit of work certification and standard, ultimately fundamentally improve our overall management level, to gain customer appreciation and win their trust.

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