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6 ways to reduce pores and blisters in aluminum die-casting

6 ways to reduce pores and blisters in aluminum die-casting

6 ways to reduce pores and blisters in aluminum die-casting

  1. To ensure the refining and degassing quality of aluminum alloy smelting, select good refining agents and degassing agents. It reduces the gas content in the aluminum water, removes scum, foam, and other oxides on the liquid surface in time, and prevents the gas from being brought into the die-casting again.

  2. Choose a good release agent. The selected release agent should not generate gas during the die-casting process and has good release performance.

  3. Ensure that the mold exhaust is smooth and not blocked. Smooth exhaust to ensure that the gas in the mold is completely exhausted, especially the exhaust channel where the aluminum liquid is final aggregation must be unobstructed.

  4. Adjust the die-casting parameters, and the filling speed should not be too fast to prevent air entrainment.

  5. Pay attention to the use of core-pulling cooling in product design and mold design to minimize the shortcomings of excessive wall differences.

  6. The pores that often appear in the fixed position should be improved from the mold and design.

  • The uneven wall thickness of the casting is prone to defects such as shrinkage. The solution is to increase the feed channel of the casting (increase the fillet of the casting) when the thickness changes to avoid the vertical shape in the casting.

  • Another method is to increase the temperature difference during the solidification of the casting. This not only guarantees the bottom-up solidification sequence of the casting but also reduces shrinkage.

  • The other is to reduce the amount of gas discharged from the casting cavity. If the amount of gas discharged from the cavity is too large, the casting will have many cavities.


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