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The 2020 Die Casting Technology Seminar

The 2020 Die Casting Technology Seminar

The 2020 Die Casting Technology Seminar

The 2020 Die Casting Mold Technology Seminar is held as scheduled at Buhler's Wuxi factory from November 24 to 25, 2020. More than 110 trainees came from Zhejiang and Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, Shandong, and other places in China. Our employees also participated in this training for self-enhancement and gained a lot of experience.


On November 24th, Liu Zunjian, an expert of the Association, gave lectures mainly including

1. Introduction to die casting machine process parameters and adjustment methods.

2. Die casting process theory and operating basic knowledge.

The specific topic includes:

1. three-level injection and four-level injection;

2. real-time control of the die-casting machine and parameter selection;

3. vacuum die-casting and oxygen-filled die-casting process;

4. defect characteristics, causes, and prevention methods of die-casting parts.

Professor Liu shared from these four aspects.


Fu Ziqing, director of the expert group of the association, shared the content of "Die-casting mold DFMEA and special program design". From the analysis of the weaknesses in the reliability of die-casting mold design and manufacturing, Professor Fu proposed countermeasures. In response to the requirements, functions, and conditions of use of die castings, he proposed to reduce design changes, shorten the time and costs of development. He gave a wonderful sharing on how to improve R&D quality and efficiency.


The experts in the class had a good and effective interactive communication with the students. They also analyzed the issues raised by the trainees and gave suggestions.

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