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Achieve a dual carbon future and create a green environment

Achieve a dual carbon future and create a green environment

Achieve a dual carbon future and create a green environment

  • What are the double carbons?

1. Carbon peak: refers to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a region or industry reaching the highest value in history, and a plateau period, it enters a process of continuous decline. It is a historical turning point in carbon dioxide emissions from increasing to decreasing, marking the decoupling of carbon emissions from economic development. The peak targets include peak years and peaks.

2. Carbon neutrality: refers to the carbon dioxide emitted directly or indirectly by human activities in some area within a certain period (usually a year), offsetting the carbon dioxide absorbed by tree planting and afforestation, and achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.


  • The impact of dual carbon on cars:

A. The industry is large in scale and has a high degree of attention. At present, the carbon emissions of the automobile industry account for a relatively high proportion of the country. At the same time, industrial development is not yet saturation. In the foreseeable future, China's car ownership will continue to grow.

B. With the changes in international economic and trade mechanisms, low-carbon competition has become increasingly fierce. The uncertainty of the current international political and economic environment continues to increase. Countries may formulate stricter trade policies around carbon emissions and set up new trade barriers. The carbon boundary adjustment mechanism, carbon footprint, carbon leakage, and other regulations will restrict the "high-carbon manufacturing, low-carbon use" model.

C. The auto industry alone cannot solve the dual-carbon compliance problem. Due to the high relevance, the auto industry cannot achieve the goal of carbon neutrality with its efforts.

  • Focusing on carbon reduction throughout the entire life cycle of automobiles, based on coordinated carbon reduction in multiple industries and fields, and finally supplemented by carbon-negative technology. Achieving carbon peak and carbon-neutral goals is a highly complex and extensive national system engineering.


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