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The first Die Casting Festival

The first Die Casting Festival

The first Die Casting Festival

  •   This is the first "Chuan-Chongqing Die Casting Festival" 1st Chuan&Yu Die Casting Festival will be held in Chongqing, China (Chongqing International Expo Center). From September 2 to September 27, 2020, there will be a three-day exchange in the die casting industry.


  •   China Casting Technology has held 48 die-casting brotherhoods across the country since June 2018, and built a platform for offline communication between die-casting brothers across the country. Each fraternity has received positive responses and good evaluations. In view of the format and venue of the sorority, the number of participants, meeting content and schedule are limited.

  •   In order to allow more die-casting friends to participate in face-to-face exchanges, face-to-face discussions, and face-to-face learning, China Casting held the first "Die Casting Festival" in Dongguan in November 2019, which has received positive responses from the die-casting brothers in Guangdong And participation, the event was a complete success. Invited by the organizer of Chongqing Lijia Exhibition, China Casting Technology will hold the die-casting festival "Sichuan-Chongqing Die-casting Festival" again in the same period of Lijia Exhibition.


  •  The activities are rich in content, such as "Die-casting New Technology" seminar, "Die-casting post-processing" seminar, casting outpatient clinic, PQ actual combat exchange meeting, the 21st "Lijia Exhibition", "Die Casting People's Congress Gift Package" distribution and other interesting activities .


  • Our company(EMP Die Casting) will also participate. We will participate in this event with an open-minded communication and serious study mentality, hoping to pass on our advantages and absorb good technology to improve our professionalism. Do our best to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services.

  • The following are the photos of our company's first "Die Casting Festival" event in Dongguan, Guangdong last year:



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