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How to control aluminum alloy die-casting mold temperature

How to control aluminum alloy die-casting mold temperature

How to control aluminum alloy die-casting mold temperature

In the aluminum alloy die-casting production process, temperature is one of the core process elements. The quality of die-casting mold temperature control directly affects product quality and production efficiency. The choice of die-casting mold temperature control method is extremely important. Therefore, in modern pressing technology, mold temperature control has become an indispensable process method.


一. The importance and control principles of die-casting mold temperature

1. The importance of die-casting mold temperature

Whether the temperature field distribution established in the mold is stable or not has an important impact on casting quality, production efficiency, and mold service life. If the temperature in the mold is too high, defects such as strains and blisters will be formed. If the temperature is too low, defects such as cold insulation, insufficient pouring, and pores will occur. Die-casting is produced in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment for a long time. Coupled with the unstable temperature field of the mold, the mold is more likely to fail, which greatly shortens the service life and reduces production efficiency.

2. Die-casting mold temperature control principles

During the casting process, the heat exchange between the mold and the molten metal reaches an ideal thermal balance, that is, the mold absorbs heat and discharges heat equally, reaching a dynamic thermal balance. After the process is selected, the mold temperature reaches the range of the casting's working temperature, which makes it easy to form hot spots. Spot cooling is carried out in place to promote the formation of thermal equilibrium.

3. Die-casting mold temperature detection method

(1) Handheld thermal imager

A thermal imaging camera is used every shift to adjust the mold temperature according to the temperature conditions.

(2) Thermocouple or thermal imager temperature detection system

According to the condition of the mold, thermocouples are buried in the mold (or thermal imaging cameras are placed above and on the left and right sides of the mold), and the temperature distribution of the mold is monitored in real time through the control system. Through the analysis of the detection data, the mold temperature is adjusted to achieve the optimal performance of the mold. Temperature monitoring.


Die-casting mold temperature control is a combination of multiple methods. Not only one temperature control method can be used to control the mold temperature, but different control methods must be adopted according to the different situations of the die-casting production process and the die-casting mold. With the development of die-casting technology, EMP Die Casting Co., Ltd. is constantly updating new temperature control methods. New methods are used to further improve the level of mold temperature control and to produce faster and better high-quality die-casting products.


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