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Why Are Aluminum Support Brackets Widely Used?

Why Are Aluminum Support Brackets Widely Used?

Why Are Aluminum Support Brackets Widely Used?

We can see brackets everywhere, and aluminum support brackets are widely used in many fields. Here EMP will give you a basic introduction to the bracket and discuss the advantages of the widely used aluminum support bracket.

Ⅰ. Basic introduction of aluminum support brackets

Just as its name implies, brackets are structures used to support things. The application of brackets is extensive, and aluminum support brackets can be seen everywhere. In addition to supporting, the brackets can also be used to position the parts in the correct position. Brackets can be divided into greenhouse brackets, mining brackets, solar supports, laptop brackets, heart stents, hydraulic supports, car engine bracketair-conditioning brackets, pipe brackets, etc. Here EMP will introduce adjustable angle mounting brackets and corner mounting brackets to you.

1. The adjustable angle mounting bracket includes a base and a flat plate. The flat plate is vertically fixed and connected to the base, the other end of the flat plate is hinged with a support plate, and the middle of the support plate is provided with a through slot. The other end of the support plate is connected to the support screw, and the support screw penetrates the support plate. Nuts are provided on the upper and lower surfaces of the supporting plate for fixing. The lower part of the supporting screw is connected to the bottom plate, and the bottom plate and the base are on the same horizontal plane. Adjustable angle mounting brackets can change the angle of the mounting bracket by adjusting its structure. In this way, the adjustable angle mounting brackets can adapt to the best angle of the equipment to be installed.

2. The corner mounting bracket has a wide range of applications. The clamping force of this bracket comes from the axial force between the threaded hole and the threaded column, and the axial force is located on the symmetry plane of the two outer splints. The corner mounting bracket allows the two outer splints to advance and retreat at the same time, so the clamping force to the enclosure is the same. In addition, the arm of the threaded column is relatively short due to the reaction force exerted on the outer splint by the enclosure, so the bracket is not easy to be damage, and the structure is stable and durable.

The aluminum alloy is more widely used in various fields of life because it has many advantages, which are as follows.

Ⅱ. Advantages of aluminum support brackets

1. Lightweight. Compared with other iron brackets, aluminum support brackets are lighter because of the lower density of aluminum.

2. Anti-natural corrosion. Aluminum can react with oxygen to form a dense aluminum oxide film, thereby protecting the aluminum from further reaction.

3. Balance the voltage. A conductive PV stent system sometimes generates some weak currents for various reasons. The aluminum support bracket has good conductivity, it can balance the current well and prevent some accidents.

4. Easy to make. aluminium die casting parts are easy to manufacture due to the low density of aluminum. It is very easy to process the required specifications by sawing, drilling, punching, folding, and other processes. Therefore, aluminum support brackets are relatively easy to make, and this characteristic makes its wide application.

5. Low-temperature resistance. Aluminum support brackets are very resistant to low temperatures due to the inclusion of aluminum metal. Unlike some other steel brackets, the hardness is not so great because they are not resistant to low temperatures during the processing process.

6. Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. After the aluminum support bracket is discarded, it will not cause any pollution, and it is easy to recycle.

Through the above introduction, everyone has a better understanding of the bracket and a certain understanding of the advantages of the aluminum support brackets. Aluminum products are not only widely used on brackets. There are also many aluminum products in daily life, such as aluminium battery case, stools, auto parts, aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum profiles for beauty salons, etc.stools, auto parts, aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum profiles for beauty salons, etc. From the above, we know that aluminum profiles have many advantages and are used in our life widely.

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