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KN95 Face Mask Stock Available for Export

KN95 Face Mask Stock Available for Export

KN95 Face Mask Stock Available for Export


Recently, The corona virus is spreading wildly in America and Europe, we pray everyone is safe, better take precautions like wearing masks wherever you go and disinfecting your hands when you go back home.


However, with the spread of the global epidemic situation, epidemic prevention materials such as masks have been sold out everywhere, and many countries with severe epidemics are in shortage of epidemic prevention materials and people are in panic buying them.


To fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, many of our clients in Germany, Italy, UK and US asked us to purchase medical face masks for them, and we've managed to find one manufacturer who produces well qualified KN95 medical mask as the situation in China is under control well.


Therefore, we can take care of export of a large number of KN95 mask. KN95 mask is the same as the international N95 standard, with 95% filtration. We can get the KN95 face masks delivered to your doorstep, and we've purchased and shipped out 100,000+pcs to several of our customers last week.

If you might require these as well, just let us know, we are happy to help. 

Product details:

Product nameKN95 face mask Disposable 3-Poly Face Mask
Color  WhiteBlue
Type  Protective productsProtective products
Function  Anti-particles, with 95% filtrationAnti-particles,
Usage  Dust and particle PreventionDust and particle Prevention
Material  Non-woven FabricNon-woven Fabric
Packing  Single independent bag packaging50pcs/Pack
Unit Price$2$0.4
MOQ  1000pcs10,000pcs
Shipping CostDoor to door FREE SHIPPINGDoor to door FREE SHIPPING

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