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Processing Method and Service Life of Aluminum Casting

Processing Method and Service Life of Aluminum Casting

Processing Method and Service Life of Aluminum Casting

The aluminum casting in the production process mainly refers to aluminum or aluminum alloy equipment obtained by casting. Aluminum or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes are often called aluminum die castings. The production method of aluminum castings also determines their service life or quite a long lifespan. In order to extend the service life of aluminum castings, the following points should be noted both in production and in use:

1. The nitration case should not be too deep if choosing nitriding; Turn off the coolant when the surface of the model is at a high temperature. Reduce the temperature of liquid aluminum as much as possible; Spray release agent.

2. Quenching and cooling must be fast enough after proper heat treatment; The surface of aluminum castings should not be highly polished; Stress relief and tempering should be carried out after a certain amount of die casting. Use inserts whenever possible.

3. The distance between the cooling watercourse and the surface as well as the corner should be large enough; The jet speed of polymetallic liquid should not be too fast. Mold wall thickness and other dimensions should be designed reasonably.


4. Preheat the mold to the recommended temperature in the correct way; Stress relief and tempering after rough machining; Oxidation treatment of mold surface; The choice of corners.

5. Remove the electro spark layer by grinding; Make sure mold is properly cooled; The cooling water is kept between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius; Slow hammers are used when casting 5 to 10 pieces of aluminum. In case of a temporary shutdown, set the mold as far as possible and reduce the cooling water to avoid thermal shock when the mold is restarted.

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