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Take You to Understand and Master the Design and Manufacturing Process of the Motor Housing

Take You to Understand and Master the Design and Manufacturing Process of the Motor Housing

Take You to Understand and Master the Design and Manufacturing Process of the Motor Housing

As the benefits and proportion of motor housing production become increasingly prominent in the manufacturing industry, it is very necessary to understand and master the design and manufacturing process of motor housings.


Deep drawing is a processing method in which punched flat blanks are pressed into hollow pieces with various openings or the finished hollow pieces with openings are processed into hollow pieces of other shapes.

The force process of the motor housing deepening is similar to the change of the fan-shaped blank being pulled through a wedge-shaped slot. While being elongated in the diameter direction, the tangential direction is compressed. In the actual drawing process, of course, there are no wedge-shaped grooves, and the fan-shaped small unit bodies on the blank do not exist alone but are in an interconnected and tightly integrated whole blank.


The thickness of the workpiece obtained after the deep drawing is different from the bottom to the mouth.

The thickness of the upper part of the sidewall of the cylinder increases the most, about 30%; the thickness of the sheet is the smallest at the corner of the cylinder wall and the bottom, and the thickness is reduced by nearly 10%, where it is most likely to be broken during deep drawing. When the stress of the section exceeds the strength limit of the material at this time, the part will crack here. Even if the drawn part is not cracked, the product may be scrapped due to excessive thinning of the material.


At present, a large-area motor casing is being processed.

The original process is to align the shape of one end to straighten the middle, position the hole, and process the end to form the motor casing through the four-jaw clamp for vertical vehicles. When this method is not easy to operate and the vertical processing is not accurate, the production efficiency is low. How to shorten its production cycle, improve labor productivity, and reduce its production cost under the premise of ensuring the quality of parts processing is particularly important.

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