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The Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Industry

The Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Industry

The Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Industry

With the development of society and the progress of the times, the die-casting industry, as a pillar of the new industry, has achieved amazing results. In recent years, aluminum alloy die-casting technology has been widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing, and both mechanical equipment and die-casting technology have undergone great changes.

1. The current status of aluminum alloy die-casting industry

As the most important industry in the die-casting industry, the auto parts manufacturing industry, especially the increase in demand for automotive aluminum alloy die-casting products, has a direct impact on the development of the entire die-casting industry. From the perspective of the structure of the car, the application of aluminum alloy die-casting parts in addition to some precision parts, such as the engine, gearbox, and electronic control system, the car body frame also began to use aluminum alloy die-casting technology.

To meet the market demand, the die-casting process is improved from the following aspects:

  • With the goal of green and pollution-free, research and development of green aluminum alloy materials:

  • Transform the die-casting process;

  • Improve the demand capability of the die-casting industry;

  • Improve the technology of die-casting aluminum alloy auto parts.

2. Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting industry

Judging from the current development of aluminum alloy die-casting technology, the aluminum alloy die-casting industry will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate under the stimulation of the huge market demand. The development of the aluminum alloy die-casting industry has huge development potential and room for expansion. The rapid growth of the alloy die casting industry brings opportunities. Aluminum alloy die-casting aluminum alloy cylinder blocks for automobile engines has developed rapidly, and auto parts die-casting has formed a huge market. The lightweight aluminum alloy dies castings have become an important development trend. Taking automobiles as an example, the goal of a new generation of automobiles is to reduce the fuel consumption to 3L per 100km, which requires a 40% to 50% reduction in vehicle mass. The urgent need for lightweight automobiles provides broad prospects for the development of the aluminum alloy die-casting industry. The strong domestic and external demand of the automobile industry has promoted the rapid development of the parts manufacturing industry, of which aluminum alloy die castings account for a large share.


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