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What Should Be Noted in the Use of Aluminum Die Casting Molds?

What Should Be Noted in the Use of Aluminum Die Casting Molds?

What Should Be Noted in the Use of Aluminum Die Casting Molds?

Ⅰ. The importance of aluminum die casting molds

Different industries have different industrial equipment maintenance secrets. As a common key link in the die-casting industry, how to maintain aluminum die casting mold during use to increase its service life?

Ⅱ. Notes for the use of aluminum die casting molds

1. Cleaning of the die joint of the mold

It is troublesome and easy to overlook. The operator should clean these parts frequently and equip them with a small spatula at any time. If the flash is not removed in time, the die joint of the mold is easy to collapse, causing the aluminum to run during the production process. Once that happens, no matter how experienced a mold repair expert is, it's almost impossible to repair completely. Aluminum running will increase the cost of die casting, waste aluminum, and cause unstable product quality, especially the internal quality. It will also increase the difficulty of determining process parameters, and the pass rate will drop a lot. From safety considerations, aluminum running will increase the chance of work injury.

2. Check carefully

Solve the problem in time to avoid unnecessary trouble for yourself.

3. Use of mold cooling system

When the mold cooling water is used correctly, it not only extends the service life of the aluminum die casting mold but also improves production efficiency. When the mold is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause cracks on the surface of the mold core early. Some molds even have not exceeded 2,000 times, cracks appear on a large scale. In the case of using mold cooling water, the use of the release agent can reduce, so that the operator will not use the release agent to lower the temperature of the mold. The advantage is to effectively extend the life of aluminum die-casting molds, save die-casting cycles, improve product quality, reduce mold sticking, strains, and aluminum sticking, and reduce the use of mold release agents. It can also reduce the loss of the ejector rod and core caused by overheating the mold temperature.

4. Preheat of aluminum die casting mold

The aluminum die casting mold must be preheated during the start of production to prevent the occurrence of crack when the cold mold suddenly encounters hot molten metal. For more complex molds, blowtorches and liquefied gas can use. If it's allowed, use a mold temperature machine, and the relatively simple mold can preheat by slow injection.

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