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3 solutions to mold surface of aluminum die castings

3 solutions to mold surface of aluminum die castings

3 solutions to mold surface of aluminum die castings

A. Shot blasting. Shot blasting is a cold treatment process that removes impurities such as oxide scale on the surface of die-cast aluminum and improves the appearance quality. In addition, shot blasting is a projectile that uses high-speed motion. By strengthening the surface of the workpiece, the surface layer undergoes the following changes during the cyclic deformation process:

  1. The microstructure has changed.

  2. The uneven plastic deformation of the outer surface layer introduces residual compressive stress, and the inner surface layer generates residual tensile stress.

  3. The roughness of the outer surface changes.


B. Sandblasting. The process of cleaning and roughening the surface through the impact of high-speed sand flow. Compressed air is used as the driving force to form a high-speed jet, which sprays the spraying material onto the surface of the workpiece at high speed, and changes the surfaces or shape of the workpiece. Sandblasting of thin plate workpieces easily deforms the workpiece, and the steel shot hits the surface of the workpiece to deform the metal matrix. After the fracture, the metal substrate is peeled off, and the oil film and the base material are deformed together. Therefore, sandblasting cannot completely remove oily and mildew stains.


C. Chemical method. Soaking with the cleaning agent and ultrasonic heating.

  1. Effectively remove mildew on the surface. The surface of the die-cast aluminum after cleaning will be clean and bright.

  2. Remove tapping oil, cutting oil, oxidation spots, and mildew spots on the surface of die-cast aluminum. After cleaning, the surface of the die-casting parts will be uniform in color.

  3. Does not corrode the die casting and does not affect the size after cleaning. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and the wastewater treatment is simple.


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