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5 ways for mold maintenance

5 ways for mold maintenance

5 ways for mold maintenance

1. During mold trial and extrusion:

A. Before extrusion, it is necessary to confirm whether the mold temperature meets the requirements and whether there is a core during heating.

B. The extrusion die must be aligned to the center to avoid collapse and plugging.

C. Suitable extrusion speed should select for different profile molds to avoid unsmooth discharge.

D. When extruding, we should pay attention to the aluminum rod quality to avoid mold collapse due to aluminum rod impurities.


2. Mold repair is important. The first thing to consider is the strength, and the mold must repair based on ensuring the mold strength. Welding is usually used at the end because welding has an impact on mold life. Especially the welding of the working belt will shorten the service life. Improving the mold repair level and reducing the mold tests is one way to extend the mold service life.


3. In the mold-making process, pay attention to the picking process and placing stamping materials. If you don't pay attention to some screw holes or weak places, it will damage the mold.


4. The mold needs to handle carefully to avoid collision damage to mold. Before putting the mold into the warehouse, it needs to be cleaned and inspected for small cracks and breakages.


5. For the finished mold, process data must be effectively managed, such as mold repair plans, machining details, and extrusion processes. Because the die casting mold design can be copied objects for subsequent supplementary molds or similar molds, it can effectively improve the mold pass rate on the machine.


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