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6 benefits after shot blasting for die casting parts

6 benefits after shot blasting for die casting parts

6 benefits after shot blasting for die casting parts

The benefits of die-casting parts after shot blasting:

  1. Shot blasting has high productivity. The new type of shot blasting machine used to project the projectile with an ejection volume of 110-260 kg/min, an ejection speed of 50-75 m/s to the die casting parts can quickly complete the shot blasting. If mass production, multiple shot blasting machines can use at the same time.

  2. Play the role of cleaning, enhancing color, and finishing on the surface of parts. After the shot blasting is complete, the stains on the surface of the die-cast part will disappear. Therefore, the original color of the die casting parts will appear.

  3. Eliminate surface stress concentration. When the parts are cooled, the wall thickness is uneven, the cooling rate is inconsistent, resulting in stress concentration on the surface. After shot blasting, it can improve the surface structure, eliminate surface stress (tensile stress) concentration, increase fatigue strength, and slightly increase surface hardness.

  4. Increase surface beauty. The projectiles projected are spherical pellets, which are project to the die casting parts to produce small cavities. Therefore, it has a spherical shape and a smooth surface.

  5. Improve surface spray adhesion. After shot blasting, the roughness can reach Ra1.6~6.3μm, the surface area increases, and the surface stains disappear. Therefore, when spraying paint or other coatings on the surface, the adhesion is enhanced.

  6. The process is simple, saving investment. It uses dry shot blasting and has equipped with a dust removal system. Therefore, after shot blasting, it can be transferred to the next process, eliminating the need for equipment costs for washing and drying after liquid sandblasting.


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