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6 technical review of Aluminum die casting housing

6 technical review of Aluminum die casting housing

6 technical review of Aluminum die casting housing

1. Production process

Incoming material selection, smelting and refining → die-casting molding → shaping and trimming → finishing → cleaning and cleaning → assembly and assembly

2. Process value

According to the structural modeling characteristics and processing conditions of the shell aluminum alloy castings, the casting pressure needs 350T. In addition, when the staff summarizes the experience of similar parts processing in the past, they will find that once the mold and process values are inappropriate. When the aluminum alloy parts are open, the liquid metal filling time will be too short. The timely volatilization of a large amount of gas in the closed cavity is blocked and blocked, resulting in a series of quality defects such as large dense pores and oxidized impurities in the finished product, which reduces the qualification casting rate. Therefore, precise positioning requires during use, and the processing needs controlling within 0.5mm. Improve the compression resistance of the parts, shorten the machining time, and enhance the inherent quality of the production of aluminum alloy parts for the shell.

3. the model scheme

In the production and processing process of aluminum alloy parts, it is necessary to conform to the wave of social development, realize information innovation, introduce corresponding information technology, improve work content, and increase work efficiency. The staff repeatedly compared and polished, and when filling with liquid sulfur, the model with a large flow channel flow will select as the actual part processing mold. It can improve the hidden defects inside the castings and increase the yield rate.


4. Melting temperature

According to the actual weight of the finished product, a 350T high-quality cold die-casting machine can use as the main body for die-casting of parts. Real-time temperature control is necessary. In the case of semi-finished products, they should maintain within the range of 640°C to 20°C. In the process of a liquid metal filling, to keep the pressure stable, it should be emphasized to prevent errors such as splashing and laminar turbulence, and the pressure rise rate is limited to 1.5kP/s. It helps to avoid repeated oxidation of slag inclusions and frequent scouring of the mud core by molten metal.

5. Alloy liquid purification

To improve product quality, refining is carried out when the semi-finished alloy is completed. At the same time, install a fibre filter at the riser nozzle and a ceramic filter at the level gate of the gold tail liquid. It is also necessary to add a filter screen made of double-layer fibres to the residue of the horizontal gate and the slit to achieve three-time fine filtration.

6. Defect detection

In the quality control of aluminum alloy production and processing, X-rays must be used to complete flaw detection tasks and control the internal quality of parts. When shell parts are processed in batches, visual examination and X-ray inspection will lead to labour and capital shortages. Therefore, the staff can use CAE modern technology to analyze and monitor the entire production process of the parts and find out the hidden quality problems of the components in the casting process in time. The quality problems of integral castings are limited to semi-finished blanks and completely concentrated processing stages.


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