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8 functions of aluminum die-casting sandblasting process

8 functions of aluminum die-casting sandblasting process

8 functions of aluminum die-casting sandblasting process

  • Characteristics of sandblasting:

  1. Sandblasting is the most thorough, most versatile, fastest, and most efficient cleaning method.

  2. Sandblasting can be arbitrarily selected between different roughnesses, but other processes cannot achieve this. Manual polishing can make the surface rough, but the speed is too slow. Chemical solvent cleaning will make the surface too smooth, which is not conducive to coating adhesion.

  • The role of sandblasting:

  1. Surface pretreatment processing: electroplating, painting, PU, rubber and plastic coating, metal spray welding, titanium plating, and other pretreatments to increase surface adhesion.

  2. Surface beautification processing: decorative processing of various metal products, matte and soft matte treatment of electroplated products, and surface atomization treatment of non-metal products such as acrylic, polka, crystal glass, etc.

  3. Surface cleaning treatment: metal oxide layer after heat treatment, surface pores, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, ceramic surface black and stain removal or paint regeneration, rubber mold and gravity die casting mold oxidation, remove residue, or release agent.

  4. Surface depilation treatment: surface finishing treatment of plastics, bakelite products, zinc-aluminium die-casting products, and electronic or other parts.

  5. Electronic parts processing: remove the surface impurities after the diffusion of the silicon wafer, sandblast the silicon wafer and cut it into small round particles, and perform the etching processing operation. The electronic parts remove the finished electronic printing surface and some burrs.

  6. Surface etching processing: surface modification etching processing of precious metal jewellery, gems, glass, stone, lithography, ceramics, wood, etc.

  7. Workpiece stress relief treatment: parts cleaning and stress relief of aerospace industry parts or refurbishment, matting, rust removal, and paint removal of national defence weapons.

  8. Mold processing: mold surface treatment (sandblasting), mold bite and frosted surface treatment, increase the adhesion of mold coating PU, shoe mold, conductive rubber mold, tire mold, electronic product mold cleaning, and frosted surface treatment.



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