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4 differences between sandblasting and shot blasting

4 differences between sandblasting and shot blasting

4 differences between sandblasting and shot blasting

  • Characteristics of sandblasting:


  1. Sandblasting is the most thorough, most versatile, fastest, and most efficient cleaning method.

  2. Sandblasting can be arbitrarily selected between different roughnesses, but other processes cannot do this. Manual sanding will make the surface rough and too slow, and chemical solvent cleaning will make the surface too smooth, which is not conducive to the adhesion of the coating.

  • Characteristics of shot peening:


Shot peening powered by compressed air. The high-speed airflow of compressed air sprays steel shots on the surface of the workpiece to clean or strengthen the surface of the workpiece.

  • The difference between shot blasting and sandblasting

  1. Shot blasting and sandblasting are driven by high-pressure air or compressed air, blowing it out at high speed and hitting the surface of the workpiece to achieve a cleaning effect. The medium required for sandblasting is needed to have a good cutting effect, and the medium demand for shot blasting is required to be as spherical as possible, and no sharp angles are allowed.

  2. After sandblasting to remove surface dirt, the surface of the workpiece is slightly damaged. The surface area is increased, thereby improving the bonding strength of the workpiece and the coating.

    The surface after sandblasting is metallic. Due to the rough surface, the light is refracted without metallic luster, forming a black surface.

  3.  After shot blasting removes the dirt on the surface, the surface is not easily damaged. The workpiece is not damaged during the machining process, and the excess energy generated will trigger the surface strengthening. 

    The surface after shot blasting is also metallic, but the surface is spherical, and the light is partially refracted. Therefore, the workpiece is processed into a matte finish.

  4. Sandblasting is used for plastics, glass, and metals. Shot blasting is used for metal products.

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