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The Trends of Electric Vehicle Market

The Trends of Electric Vehicle Market

The Trends of Electric Vehicle Market

  • In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of automotive market price wars, cost pressures have continued to affect the supplier, causing many automotive parts manufacturer to face huge challenges in their cost control capabilities, and the problems are becoming increasingly prominent. In particular, most automotive parts manufacturers generally lack independent development capabilities, lack of core technology, extensive internal management models, and weak cost control.

  • At the same time, informationization is the inevitable trend of the development of the times, automotive parts manufacturer can only further improve their management level and core competitiveness by improving their digital capabilities and realizing intelligent management.

  • For the reform of automotive market, our die-casting suppliers must also keep pace with the times. Always pay attention to popular products in the automotive market, make the company closely integrate with the market, improve the company's technology and product innovation capabilities, and serve more customers.

  • Recently, our company is mainly promoting the aluminum die casting parts of electric vehicles, including electric vehicle battery housing, control motor housing, AC/DC converters housing, etc. They are main products in the current electric vehicle market, and EMP is keeping up with the dynamic development of the market.

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