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Top 5 industries related to electric vehicles

Top 5 industries related to electric vehicles

Top 5 industries related to electric vehicles

1. Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Automotive parts manufacturers are the first to bear the brunt. Nowadays, the development of automobiles is becoming larger and larger, and the rise of electric vehicles has led to the transformation and upgrading of many automakers, striving to develop the electric vehicle industry. Therefore, many manufacturers have been added, and our company will provide automotive parts manufacturers with aluminum alloy die-casting parts, such as Gearbox Housing, Motor Housing, Cylinder Head Cover, etc.


2. Electric Charging Station

As the power supply for new energy vehicles, charging piles are as important as the construction of gas stations across the country. With the promotion of new energy vehicles, the state and enterprises have also increased their efforts to promote the construction of charging piles.

3. Battery Supply Chain Industry

Batteries are one of the indispensable core parts of electric vehicles, battery manufacturers/suppliers, and industries related to batteries, motors, and electronic control technologies. However, in these industries, our company will also provide corresponding aluminum alloy die-casting parts, such as Battery Housing, Battery Charger Housing, AC/DC Converter Housing, etc.


4. Electric Vehicle accessories

To have an electric car, you must have a charging plug, a charging cable, and the interior of various models. These industries are the same as the charging pile and battery industries.

5. Electric Vehicle Maintenance Industry

Including the repair and maintenance of electric vehicle parts.

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