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Advantages of aluminum alloy die casting products

Advantages of aluminum alloy die casting products

Advantages of aluminum alloy die casting products

Advantages of Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Products


1. The microstructure of aluminium casting parts is compact and has high strength and hardness.


Because die casting is the filling of molten liquid metal in a very short time, it is cooled rapidly in die casting die and solidified and crystallized under high pressure. Therefore, the microstructure of aluminium casting parts near the surface layer is fine and dense, which makes aluminium casting parts have high strength, hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


2. Aluminium casting parts have good surface quality and high precision.


The dimensional accuracy of aluminium casting parts can reach the i13-i level, even ir9 level at the highest level; the surface roughness r-value of aluminium casting parts usually reaches o.8-3.2 μm or even O.4 μm. Aluminum casting parts have good interchangeability and can produce aluminium casting parts with complex shape, clear outline and thin wall and deep cavity. The minimum wall thickness of aluminium casting parts is 0.5mm. At the same time, it can cast clear characters and patterns.


3. High production efficiency, can realize mechanized or automatic production, especially suitable for mass production.


According to the size of the die casting machine, the cold chamber dies casting machine can die-cast 3100 times per hour, or even more. The hot chamber dies casting machine can die-cast 40-1000 times per hour.


4. High material utilization


Aluminium casting parts can be directly assembled and used without machining or with a small amount of machining, and the material utilization rate can reach 60% ~ 80%, or even higher, which means good economic benefits. Because of high precision, good surface quality, less machining allowance or assembly without machining, machining equipment and cost are reduced, and good economic benefits can be obtained.


5. It can simplify the manufacturing process.


Other inserts with special properties can be directly embedded in aluminium parts in automobile die casting production. It can not only meet the requirements of service performance, expand the use of products, but also reduce the assembly process and simplify the manufacturing process.

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