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Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

  • Electric Vehicle Motor Controller (Housing)
    1.Overview of Electric Vehicle Motor ControllerThe motor controller is used to drive the main motor on the electric vehicle. Generally, it receives the signal of the whole vehicle controller to contro...
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Housing
    The Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Housing has the prospect of being lightweight. The overall application cost of the aluminum alloy battery case is low, its performance meets the requirements, and ...
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Housing
    Electric Vehicle Battery Housing uses aluminum alloy as raw material, which has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability. Becau...
  • Engine Bracket/Engine Mounting Bracket
    1.Overview of Engine Mounting BracketEngine mounting bracket which is divided into two parts is a component of automobile engine. The first one is torsional bracket, the second one is engine mounting ...
  • Electric Vehicle Water-Cooling On-board Charger Case
    Vehicle charger is an essential core component of new energy vehicles, and its market scale expands with the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market.
  • Electric Motor Drive End Bracket
    Electric Motor Drive End Bracket Overview: 1.Specification: Custom-made; 2.Service: OEM/ODM Service

Automotive Aluminum Parts Overview

Aluminum is a key item used in the production of automotive aluminum parts and assemblies. EMP Die Casting is a leading provider of custom aluminum die cast components for the automotive aluminum parts market. We specialize in the production of: new energy vehicle charger enclosures, combustion engine oil pans, bed plates, oil circuit breakers, front and rear automotive wiper motor frames, brackets, stop-start device gearbox enclosures for combustion engines, half disk&medium disk, etc.

Automotive Parts

Automotive Aluminum Parts Details

Oil pan: Located in the lower part of the engine, detachable, and seals the oil shaft box and provides the outer casing of the oil sump.

Bracket: The automobile wiper motor bracket serves as the installation structure of the wiper motor assembly. Along with installation accuracy, the stiffness performance of the bracket mounting point will directly affect the performance of the wiper system.

Stop-start device gearbox enclosures for automatic vehicles: The gearbox is a mechanical device for increasing/decreasing torque by deceleration/increase. It consists of two or more gears, one of which is driven by a motor. The output speed of the gearbox is inversely proportional to the gear. Gearboxes are generally preferred in constant speed applications, such as conveyors and cranes, which can provide increased torque.

Our factory, as one of has been developing automotive component enclosures for many years. As one of automobile parts manufacturing companies, not only the parts mentioned above, but also a large number of aluminum die castings are under development. At EMP, we stand ready to provide you with the automotive aluminum parts you need.

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