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Company training meeting

Company training meeting

Company training meeting

  • Last week we held an employee training meeting, the purpose of this is to stimulate employees' motivation and improve their quality. Secondly, employee training is also conducive to the establishment of a long-term learning mechanism, forming a good learning atmosphere, and creating a positive and enterprising corporate culture.

  • As shown in the figure, each employee is actively and seriously studying.


  • The meeting focused on three aspects, as follows;

A. Safety knowledge

For employees to be able to save themselves in an emergency, (fire safety, electricity safety, employee operation safety, etc.), we invite professional lecturers to teach employees how to save themselves, so that employees can quickly evacuate from dangerous areas.

B. Technical knowledge

Nowadays, the company continues to improve its production technology, and some problems have been discovered in the process of using these technologies. Therefore, we discussed with the employees in the meeting, improved the deficiencies, disseminated new knowledge, and improved the capabilities of the employees.

C. Team spirit

At work, team spirit is very important. Learning to cooperate is part of the completion of production. Therefore, the company organizes this study in the hope that it can promote communication between colleagues and improve the tacit understanding, which will help efficient and quality completion. jobs.


  • Through this meeting, the company's training for employees has improved their work adaptability, improved their work attitude, strengthened their sense of responsibility to the company and their sense of belonging to the corporate culture, expanded their knowledge reserves, and expanded their work areas. Increase their work confidence and work enthusiasm, thereby effectively stimulating the work potential of employees. Therefore, we will continue to hold training meetings, hoping to help employees improve themselves and promote the relationship between colleagues.

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