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New Development of Aluminum Al Die Casting Technology

New Development of Aluminum Al Die Casting Technology

New Development of Aluminum Al Die Casting Technology

Ⅰ. Vacuum aluminum die casting Technology

Vacuum Al dies casting technology is a dense die casting produced by evacuating wholly or partly gas from the cavity, reducing air pressure for mold filling, and excluding gas in alloy melt to fill cavity under the pressure and make alloy melt to freeze.

II. Poreless Aluminum Die Casting Technology

Most gas among die casting is N2 and H2, almost no O2. The main reason is that O2 reacts to reactive metal and produces solid oxide, which provides the theoretical basis for pore-free Al die-casting technology.

Pore-free Al dies casting fills the oxygen into alloy melt to replace the gas before Al dies casting.

Ⅲ. Semi-solid aluminum die casting Technology

Semi-solid Al dies casting is a technology that stirs the liquid metal when it solidifies, obtains a slurry of about 50% or even higher solid-phase components at a certain cooling rate, and then shapes the slurry by die-casting.

Ⅳ. Extrusion Aluminum Die Casting Technology

Squeezing Al die casting is also called liquid metal molding, with good compactness and high mechanical property, and no casting head.

With great technological advantage, squeezing Al die casting not only can replace traditional Al die casting, squeeze casting, low-pressure casting, and vacuum Al die casting technologies, but also is compatible with counter-pressure casting, continuous casting even forging, and semi-solid rheological casting technologies.

Ⅴ. Electromagnetic pump in low-pressure casting technology

Electromagnetic pump in low-pressure casting is a kind of new low-pressure casting technology. Compared with gas-type low-pressure casting technology, it is completely different in the aspect of pressure mode.

It uses non-contact electromagnetic force to directly act on the liquid metal, and the die-casting greatly reduces the problems of oxidation and suction caused by insufficient compressed air and high partial pressure, realizing the smooth transportation and filling of the molten aluminum, and preventing secondary pollution caused by turbulence.

In addition, the electromagnetic pump system is fully controlled by computer digital components, with high process execution accuracy and good repeatability. It has obvious advantages in yield, mechanical properties, and surface quality.

With continuous study, this kind of Al die casting technology becomes more and more mature.

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