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Precautions for the Details of Die Design for Die Casting

Precautions for the Details of Die Design for Die Casting

Precautions for the Details of Die Design for Die Casting

As the saying goes: Details determine success or failure. Whether it is the processing details or the details of the die design for die casting, it may affect the quality of the die casting parts. Now let's take a look at the details that should be paid attention to in the die design for die casting.

Ⅰ. Tips before designing the die casting

1. It is necessary to understand the application and structural characteristics of the die-casting mold, and design the die-casting mold design, profiles, cavities, and demolding forms according to the characteristics.

2. Know the actual processing capacity of the die casting molds, the situation of on-site equipment, and the technical level, knowledge, and practice of the operators, and design the die casting mold according to the on-site processing capacity.

3. Die casting molds should select the appropriate material, which needs to have the ability to resist heat, deformation, and corrosion, and meet the requirements of processing technology and cold heat treatment.

4. The die casting molds should have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, flexible operation, safety and reliability, low cost, high die-casting efficiency, and convenient installation and disassembly.

5. The die design for die casting should be feasible, using common components to improve the service life of the mold. The design should have the option of repairing the mold, which is convenient for later modification.

Ⅱ. What should the die casting mold factory pay attention to when producing die casting parts?

To improve the function of the die casting molds, it is necessary to perform heat treatment, namely quenching, annealing, and tempering. The die casting mold factory can effectively improve the service life and stability of the die-casting mold through these heat treatments, which is very helpful for the die casting process. But there is something forbidden during heat treatment.

Special heat-resistant tool steel is required. This steel takes longer to reach the end of the S-curve than normal carbon steel. Therefore, when heat treatment, it is only necessary to heat it sufficiently and then cool it in the atmosphere, which saves a lot of trouble. However, the die-casting mold factory found that if the die-casting mold block made of this material is heated to a high temperature in the air without protection, it will be scrapped or the surface layer will be burned out due to oxidative decarburization.

Therefore, when the die-casting mold factory conducts heat treatment for the die casting mold, it must prevent oxidative decarburization. For this reason, the die casting mold factory usually purchases vacuum furnaces, salt bath furnaces, inert gas (N2 or Ar) furnaces, and other equipment, so they just need to pay attention to the temperature of heating to get the ideal effect of non-oxidative decarburization. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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