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The Bursting of the Die-casting Mold is Quite Scary! What is the Problem?

The Bursting of the Die-casting Mold is Quite Scary! What is the Problem?

The Bursting of the Die-casting Mold is Quite Scary! What is the Problem?

Ⅰ. The main reason for cracking of die casting molds

1. The temperature during the die casting process is relatively high (additional refrigeration system as much as possible).

2. The release agent is sprayed unscientifically during the die casting process.

3. The quenching and tempering treatment of the die-casting mold is unscientific, and the main factor is the strength (the strength should not be less than HRC--47).

4. Poor raw material of die-casting mold steel

Early cracks are generally caused by the forging temperature of the rough forging being too high (commonly known as over-burning, which is an irreparable defect).

Therefore, the forging temperature in the blank manufacturing process should be strictly controlled. The same is true in the quenching process, and the heating time should be strictly controlled to prevent decarburization.

After the material is selected, it is heat treatment. After a certain amount of production, pay attention to stress relief, and the design is reasonable, try to avoid stress concentration, and pay attention to the size control of the R angle!

When the mold is about 10,000 times, the mold should pay attention to tempering to relieve stress. The residual stress of the internal force is concentrated and the residual stress is not removed. The thermal stress in the die-casting process is not well removed. In short, the crack is the manifestation of stress concentration, and multiple tempering can be used to remove the stress. Thereby, the life of the mold can be increased.

Ⅱ. Measures to prevent die-casting mold cracking

1. The specified strength of the quenching and tempering treatment of the forming position of the die-casting mold (moving, fixed mold core, core) should be guaranteed to be HRC43~48 (the material can be SKD61 or 8407)

2. The die-casting mold should be fully heated before aluminum die-casting production. The actual effect is as follows:

The die-casting mold can achieve a good thermal cycle, so that the solidification rate of the casting is uniform, and it is beneficial to the transmission of working pressure.

Maintain the fluidity of aluminum die-casting aluminum alloy when it is filled, with excellent formability and development of casting process performance.

Reduce early production underperformance and increase aluminum die casting productivity.

Reduce the thermal stress of the die-casting mold and prolong the service life of the die-casting mold.

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