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Three Effective Methods to Improve the Technology of Die Casting Molds

Three Effective Methods to Improve the Technology of Die Casting Molds

Three Effective Methods to Improve the Technology of Die Casting Molds

The design process of die-casting molds is very similar to the design process of plastic molds, and both feed methods and mold structure layouts need to be considered. However, the design of the die-casting mold should also consider the following key points: the position distribution and distribution between multiple feed gates; the calculation of the cross-sectional area of the feed gates, the calculation of the cross-sectional area of the runners at all levels; the location of the slag ladle, whether the exhaust slot is reasonable; It is also necessary to consider how to drain the front and discharge the residual liquid of the spray release agent; prevent the accumulation of the front and the waste residue, and so on. How to improve and optimize die casting mold technology?

1. Use "die-casting mold flow analysis software" to assist in the analysis and selection of mold design schemes


Every new set of die casting molds may hide unknown potential problems. If you only rely on personal experience and technology to design die-casting molds, there will be certain differences due to personal experience and technical level. It is difficult to ensure that each set of die casting mold design reaches the best rationalization, and it is difficult to effectively improve the quality of mold design. Therefore, it is necessary to use auxiliary software to realize the innovation and development of die casting mold design. The die-casting mold flow analysis software can verify the plan when the mold design plan is completed and the 3D parting is completed.

2. Slag discharge and exhaust structure


During die-casting, the temperature of the metal broth flowing at the forefront will decrease, and condensate is prone to appear, which will also affect the appearance and internal quality of the casting (product). Therefore, whether the design of the slag discharge and exhaust structure of the die-casting mold is reasonable determines the quality of the entire casting (product) to a large extent. In order to break the traditional design thinking, in addition to considering the installation of slag discharge and exhaust at the end of the casting flow and the places where cold material is easy to be placed; innovative design and innovation application of the slag ladle gate, slag ladle, and exhaust trough should also be considered.

3. The structure of the slag discharge groove of the slider mechanism


During the production of die-casting molds, a large amount of metal scraps, that is, piping is produced. In particular, once the slider mechanism is blocked and obstructed by the front, it will not be able to move normally or even get stuck, causing the whole set of molds to fail to produce normally.

In addition to lubricating oil grooves at the bottom of the slider seat, some slag discharge groove structures must be designed, which can effectively accommodate and store the flares falling under the slider seat during a long period of production time; Until the mold completes the production task, the front and sundries will be thoroughly removed to ensure the smooth operation of the slider and good production efficiency.

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