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6 reasons and methods for excessive impurities in die castings

6 reasons and methods for excessive impurities in die castings

6 reasons and methods for excessive impurities in die castings

  • The source of impurities:

  1. The raw materials are unqualified, and the impurities contained in them enter the die-casting parts.

  2. Recycled materials, nozzle materials, flashing materials, and other secondary materials bring impurities.

  3. Oxides are produced by contact with air during metal smelting, transportation, and pouring.

  4. Metal compounds are produced by metal smelting.

  5. The thermocouple protective cover, crucible, barrel, mold falling off will produce fragments or contact with the metal solution to produce compounds.

  6. Dust mixing, release agent, or other production auxiliary materials bring impurities.

  • Impurity hazards:

  1. It will make the alloy structure in the die casting discontinuous.

  2. Reduce the airtightness of the workpiece.

  3. Die castings are easy to corrode.

  4. Reduce the strength and plasticity of die castings.

  5. Die-casting parts are prone to cracks, and later processing becomes more difficult.

  6. The scrap rate of die-casting parts increases and harmful impurities cannot pass the environmental protection.

  • Solution:

  1. Control the quality of raw materials.

  2. The use of secondary materials is strictly by reasonable proportions.

  3. Refining agent for metal smelting.

  4. Using the ceramic filter, vacuum melting and conveying.

  5. Use ceramic spoons, crucibles, protective tubes, and discard iron tools. And regularly clean molds, tools, and work surfaces.

  6. Use a high-quality release agent and other auxiliary materials to keep the working environment clean.


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