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How About a Die-cast Aluminum Radiator?

How About a Die-cast Aluminum Radiator?

How About a Die-cast Aluminum Radiator?

Die-casting aluminum radiator was born and developed in Western Europe and is popular in Europe and the United States, which has been used for decades, representing the current trend and concept of home heating.

Due to the hidden heat-proof design of the tap water and the excellent thermal conductivity of the die-casting aluminum radiator and on the basis of ensuring the effect of the radiator, it has a lower surface temperature than other radiators, especially safer for people. Now let's learn about the die-casting aluminum radiator!

1. Design characteristics of die-casting aluminum radiator

The die-cast aluminum heating sheet marks the transformation of the concept of indoor heating to the combination of artistry, environmental protection and functionality.

Die-casting aluminum radiator has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for heat measurement, corrosion resistance, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, bright color, no decoration and so on. The living room is no longer dirty and the dead corner of bacteria breeding, and the die-casting aluminum radiator can be perfectly combined with the home decoration.

Ⅱ. The advantages of die-casting aluminum radiator

Die-casting aluminum radiators mainly include high-pressure casting aluminum and tensile aluminum alloy welding.

The aluminum profile radiator has good heat dissipation and obvious energy saving characteristics. In the same room, if you use radiators of the same specification, the number of aluminum castings is less than that of steel.

The aluminum profile radiator has good oxidation corrosion resistance without adding any additives. Its principle is that when aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, an oxide film will be formed, which is tough and dense to prevent further corrosion of the main material.

Choose aluminum radiator, high pressure cast aluminum block assembled radiator, because this radiator is integrally die-cast, there is no problem of welding leakage.

In addition, the advantage of die-cast aluminum is that the product is not limited by the district heating system, and even the open boiler system will not be corroded by oxygen.

Due to the modular design, if you find that the indoor temperature is insufficient after the heating season, you can install one or two more to meet your needs in the following year, without the need to replace the entire heating equipment like a steel radiator.

1. Light weight, the die-cast aluminum radiator is only one third of the weight of the cast iron radiator with the same heat dissipation.

2. Safe and reliable, high thermal efficiency, good thermal conductivity, energy saving and environmental protection, long life.

3. The surface should be degreased and oxidized before painting to avoid long-term shedding of the coating and impact resistance.

4. The style is simple and beautiful, and also has fashion design, small size, light weight, and the installation of die-casting aluminum radiator is easy.

5. Die-cast aluminum is widely used in residences, schools, hotels, and various offices.

6. Beautiful appearance, flexible and diverse sizes. Able to express individuality in the form of art; easy to harmonize with the room.

7. The die-casting aluminum radiator has high overall strength and high working pressure, which is suitable for high-rise buildings.

8. Combination module, easy installation, high pressure aluminum alloy casting radiator.

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