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Overview of the Advantages of Aluminium Die Casting Components

Overview of the Advantages of Aluminium Die Casting Components

Overview of the Advantages of Aluminium Die Casting Components

With the continuous development of the aluminum alloy dies casting industry, die castings with high precision are required.

1. Aluminum die-casting parts require high standard accuracy, good appearance quality, good appearance roughness, low thermal cracking, and good interchangeability.

2. Aluminium dies casting has good fluidity and plasticity and can produce all kinds of die castings with complex shapes, clear outlines, deep cavities, and thin walls.

3. Aluminum die castings have a fine structure, high strength, and high hardness. It has good mechanical properties at high or normal temperatures and has strong impact toughness. Due to the short filling time of the molten alloy, it is rapidly cooled in the die-casting mold and condensed under high pressure, making the metal crystal grains on the surface of the die-casting finer.

4. Aluminum die-casting parts have high material utilization rate and use a small amount of machining. The blank utilization rate is above 90%.

5. Aluminium die casting components to have high production efficiency and are suitable for mass production.

6. Aluminum die castings have good electrical and thermal conductivity. The die-casting parts are of good quality and can assemble without mechanical processing. Therefore, production costs reduce and economic benefits can obtain.

Because aluminum dies castings have many advantages, they are used in various fields. We believe that with the continuous advancement of die casting technology in the future, it will show itself on a larger stage.

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