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Why Aluminum Alloy Can Be Used As a Radiator Material?

Why Aluminum Alloy Can Be Used As a Radiator Material?

Why Aluminum Alloy Can Be Used As a Radiator Material?

1. The heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is so good. It is much higher than radiators of other materials, so the heat dissipation capacity of aluminum alloy radiators is much higher than that of other materials.

2. The chemical activity of aluminum in the alloy is very active, and it is easy to react quickly with oxygen in the air to form a dense aluminum oxide protective film whose thickness is about 1μm. Its combination with the substrate is very strong, which makes the surface of the coating passivated and prevents its own oxidation continuously. Therefore, the aluminum alloy itself is not afraid of oxygen, and there is no oxygen corrosion. The principle of the internal anti-corrosion of the radiator: the internal anti-corrosion treatment of the radiator is to coat a layer of organic paint with good adhesion and corrosion resistance on the inner surface of the radiator to isolate the water,  steel and aluminum material to antiseptic effect. The aluminum alloy has a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, so it is difficult to adhere to the anti-corrosion coating. Even if it is applied, the anti-corrosion coating block on the surface layer of the aluminum alloy is easily peeled off under the scouring of the water inside the radiator.

3. Aluminum alloy radiators, with their superior corrosion resistance, wide applicability, better heat-to-price ratio, higher value retention rate and beautiful appearance, will become the leading players in new radiators for a long time to come. The market prospect is also very broad. With the continuous development and promotion of aluminum alloy radiators, it will play a greater role in the development of the industry.

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