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3 core components of electric vehicles

3 core components of electric vehicles

3 core components of electric vehicles

1. an electric motor

The core of electric vehicles is the three-electric technology, motor, battery, and electronic control technology.

At present, there are the following types of drive motors for electric vehicles: DC motors, AC induction motors, permanent magnet brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, and switched reluctance motors.


2. Battery

The battery technology of pure electric vehicles is the driving force of its powerful electric car. Over the years, battery demand has experienced explosive growth. At present, power batteries are divide into three major systems, namely ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium iron manganate batteries.

Subsequently, the performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries and ferromanganese batteries has decreased, and the strength of the batteries has reduced, and the electric bus market has heated up.


3. Battery Management System

The battery management system is related to the power battery technology. It detects and controls various indicators of the battery to achieve communication with other systems. With the development of automotive electronic control technology, control accuracy, control range, and proximity have been improved. Automobile electronic control technology is a sign of improving the advanced level of automobiles.


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